Terms & Conditions

We strive to make remote servicing with “our” team as effortless as possible. The reason that ClearCom Customer Support Professional teammates are successful is because we support each other and we honor our team’s mission, vision by adhering to our guiding policies and values. This means maintaining clear lines of communication at all times and fulfilling our commitments. ClearCom teammates are expected to service our client’s and their customers with honesty and integrity. ClearCom teammates are expected to attend training everyday, successfully complete all assessments and certifications, as well as adhere to and honor our selected schedules post training.

This is what is required to become a successful ClearCom servicing agent. Failure to adhere to our organization’s terms may result in termination from our team roster.

A Culture of Community and Transparency

ClearCom is a Subsidiary of Noir GraphX, LLC and was founded May 3, 2020 in response to the global pandemic in order to provide people with opportunities to earn during a time of high unemployment. ClearCom operates as a remote customer support agency that partners with various Fortune 500 companies to provide their “customers” with customer support, technical support, billing and sales support services. Our team of interviewers, who are also most often servicing agents themselves are expected to provide qualified candidates with details of servicing and commitment requirements as well as information on which of our partners we intend to place the new teammate with.

Once selected, our new teammates are expected to complete all registration and onboarding requirements within a reasonable amount of time in order to ensure successful enrollment into our client certification programs. Our client opportunities are limited and time sensitive, this is because ClearCom does not set training dates, but “are” afforded training dates based on our client’s training availability calendar. If you delay in your registration and/or enrollment into a client training program it is possible that although you were extended an opportunity with our organization initially, that you are denied ultimately. This occurs most often due to the candidates failure to communicate. If you are removed from our team roster for any of the reasons mentioned above you will not longer be eligible to service as a ClearCom teammate.

All teammates are required to successfully pass a criminal background check and/or drug screen. ClearCom covers the costs of all of our teammate’s training as long as the prospective teammate agrees to and attends training daily, completes all assigned training modules appointed by the client instructor, successfully certifies in the client program and services with our team for at least 60 days.

All ClearCom teammates are 1099 Contractors. Most ClearCom teammates start off earning $10/hr with our organization. Pay increases and other incentives depend on the client being serviced and our agent’s overall performance, which is primarily judged by our vendor’s Commitment Adherence metric and other communication compliance. On average ClearCom teammates earn between $400-$840 an invoice period (pay period). This amount was calculated by calculating the averages of our agent invoices as of 11/01/2020. This amount is meant to serve as an example and not a guarantee of what you will generate. The amount that each agent earns is strictly dependent on their agreed upon hourly wages and the amount of hours serviced with our clients in a single invoice period. Most of our client opportunities provide the room for not only flexibility in work hours but also upwards of 40-60 available hours of servicing per week. ClearCom “partners” with ADP to process teammate payroll and distributes teammate pay primarily through direct deposit. Direct deposit is highly suggested, but ClearCom is flexible and has the ability to pay via paper check and other means upon request. ClearCom processes payroll Semi-monthly on the 1st and 15th of each month, if you wish to change your method of payment please inform payroll at payroll@clearcompros.com.

Please Note: When completing your W9 and Direct Deposit forms please remember to include Noir GraphX, LLC as your hiring company.

ClearCom teammates are required to return any and all equipment provided to them by our Vendor or ClearCom to the designated address upon the end of their servicing contract with our clients. All servicing equipment is the property of Noir GraphX, LLC and is entrusted to the teammate to care for and maintain throughout its use. The agent is responsible for any damage to servicing equipment while in the possession of the agent. A fee will be incurred by the teammate if Noir GraphX, LLC owned equipment is not returned to the appropriate parties within 10 business days of the completion or termination of the client servicing agreement. This fee will be assessed per invoice period until either the value of the equipment and any recovery attempt fees are matched or the equipment is returned.

If you have any questions about these terms of teammate service please contact us at admin@clearcompros.com.