Servicing Equipment Suggestions

You’re here because you need servicing equipment that you can trust. Below is a list of recommended products by our vendor that we’ve sourced and compiled for your convenience. Use these products as a guide or buy them direct. If you run into trouble and need support please contact us at (214) 272-9379. You may also contact us via email at

Achieve the perfect servicing setup with ClearCom Customer Service Professionals in Dallas, TX.

Desktop/Laptop** Computer (New and Refurbished Options)

Store Item Approx Cost*
Amazon HP refurbished w/2 monitor option $250
Amazon HP Laptop (New) $256
reliable servicing headsets

USB Headset (Used during certification)

Store Item Approx Cost*
Amazon Logitech USB Headset H 390 $55
Amazon Logitech H540 Headset $60
Amazon Plantronics (Model 79730-05) $60
Servicing dialpads with ClearCom Customer Support Professionals in Dallas, TX.

Keypad/Headset Phone (Used to take calls)

Store Item Approx Cost*
Amazon AGPtek $39
Plantronics S12