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2020 was a rough year, it altered our normal way of life, made us all uncomfortable and forced us to become more flexible, and again creative. The current economy has renewed interest in the flexibility and work/life balance that working from home provides, and ClearCom hopes to partner with you on your journey.

We offer competitive pay, unparalleled communication, creative resources for our service partners, great incentives and team outings & virtual events.

We aim to make the work from home experience a little more like what we're accustomed to, by making what's far away feel a little closer. We guide our service partners through the onboarding process every step of the way, provide performance updates and weekly touchpoints to assist you in successfully meeting company goals and other important metrics.

ClearCom was created to connect people that are eager for flexibility and good pay with opportunities that provide them. We are selective with our opportunities to ensure our service partners the best experience possible. Schedule a call with one of our team members by clicking on the button below.

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ClearCom team outting event at the Red Room Escape Room in Plano, TX. We almost escaped! lol

ClearCom team outting event at the Red Room Escape Room in Plano, TX.

Our Vision

Working collaboratively with our partners to advance their vision through a customer first approach focused on exceeding quality and industry standards.

Our Mission

Solving our partner's customer's issues through active listening, delightful encounters and strategic solution-oriented action provided by knowledgeable agents.
~ If you want to reach where you are trying to go, help others reach where they are headed.

Why Partner With Us?

Our Offer

ClearCom is proud to be a part of the new remote workforce era and we are eager to help drive this shift in culture by partnering with people in our community, and providing remote Customer Support, Technical Support, Billing Support and Sales Support roles to those looking for a legit opportunity to earn between $12-$17/hr providing support to our client's customers.

Our Needs

While we strive to provide our agents with the best support possible, our CSP agent roles are remote and by nature require our team to troubleshoot their own technical issues, self manage and be proficient at confronting unique issues that may arise.

The ability to self manage, locate information and communicate is vital. If you have experience working remotely, managing projects with little oversight and handling multiple tasks at once we would love to talk to you.

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Who is ClearCom? What is Our Business
ClearCom is a Virtual Customer Support solutions call center that, through our vendor, partners with various Fortune 500 companies to provide customer support, technical support and in some cases sales support to their customers. Once certified, our Service Partners field inbound calls and handle everything from general inquiries to some light-intensive troubleshooting for the customers of our clients.

In some instances our service partners also provide video as well as phone support.
Customer Support
Technical Support
Sales Support
Video Support
Phone Support

Customer Support

As of 05/25/21, in regards to customer support, our service partners handle general inquires, answer customer questions pertaining to account details, orders and service and offer product support and more.

Technical Support

As of 05/25/21, in regards to technical support, our service partners may assist in troubleshooting service outages, editing customer shopping carts, reporting client user experience and site issues, and more.

Sales Support

As of 05/25/21, in regards to sales support, our service partners may be expected to offer additional products and/or services, instigate soft sales, and more after remedying purpose of customer's call.